The Shock Jocks Of Menswear

hen I first met Lawrence Schlossman and James Harris, better known as Larry and Jimmy of the fashion podcast “Throwing Fits,” they were leaving their jobs to focus on the show full time, which is to say, to talk about clothes, music, and memes; to mock each other’s appearance; and to pry into their guests’ finances and sex lives. We shook hands on a wet day in early March in the lobby of an office building in downtown Manhattan, before the COVID-19 lockdowns or the murder of George Floyd. The podcasters were on top of the world then, heading into an appointment with a representative from Diemme, an Italian luxury-shoe manufacturer. They were taking the first step toward opening “new revenue streams” by designing a pair of boots. While we waited for the elevator, we did a “fit check,” a what-are-you-wearing rundown that the hosts do at the start of each episode. Schlossman, who is thirty-three, had on black Blundstone Chelsea boots, black Supreme jeans, a Rancid T-shirt, and a vintage green Patagonia fleece that, combined with his beard and slight hunch, made him look like Oscar the Grouch. Harris, also thirty-three, shorter, with thick black hair, was wearing beater New Balances, Our Legacy jeans, and a cropped charcoal puffer coat, with a zipper that extended to the top of the hood. A security guard interrupted us to explain that the elevator we were waiting for was, in fact, a stairwell. “Have some fucking respect for the process,” Schlossman said to himself. Read more at The New Yorker.