The Struggles Of The Plus-Size Menswear Market

by MR Magazine Staff

Six years ago, when Kelvin Davis went clothes shopping for a new teaching job, he couldn’t find his size. After being informed they didn’t have it on-hand, he asked the sales associate to look online or see if it was available at another location. Instead, she told him that maybe he was too big to shop there. “As a guy, I had never been publicly fat-shamed,” he recalls of the experience. Afterwards, he went to Facebook to share his annoyance. “I remember how ashamed I felt as I was typing,” Davis continues. “I ended up deleting it because I thought about how my guy friends would give me shit.” Feeling disheartened, he realized how strange it was that he could only vocalize his struggles to his family. It was then he decided to launch his blog Notoriously Dapper, a platform for men to share and discuss body image. He’s since gone on to become a model, activist and published author with a mission to spread the word about male body positivity. Read more at Fashionista.