The Top 10 Experiential Retail Trends For The 2018 Holiday Season

by MR Magazine Staff

People do not buy things, they buy experiences. And if you want to put your retail experience on the map, the holiday season is an important and competitive time to do it. The holiday shopping season is always a busy and profitable time of year for retailers, but thanks to experimental design and new trends, 2018 looks to be one of the most exciting years yet. Companies are starting to understand people are not just looking for a product. They are looking for something different, like connection or meaning. How do you make people feel when the visit your online store, your app – or – when you can get them in the door, your retail space. It often takes more than just a sale to bring in modern customers—they also need to have a great experience and build a connection with the brand. If you want to see different results this holiday season you’re going to have to do something different with your customer experience. Read more at Forbes.