by Karen Alberg Grossman

I was recently shopping at a fabulous menswear store in L.A. The store owner was telling me that his suit business is surprisingly good so I asked him about neckwear. He laughed out loud, quickly explaining that no one in L.A. wears ties anymore. I asked if he even carries neckwear and he said yes, walking me to the back of the store and opening the top drawer of an antique wooden chest. There I examined some truly beautiful ties from an Italian maker I’d never heard of. But why would customers even think about buying a tie if none are visible in the store?

From the recent round of trade shows featuring fall 2020 designs, please consider these artisan tie makers whose neckwear is anything but ordinary. I truly believe that if you show ties, you will sell ties, especially to young guys who don’t want to dress like their fathers (and whose fathers haven’t worn ties in ages!)


  1. I believe also its time for Men to shine again! #GetDressed
    The looks you will receive from wearing a tie, is truly worth it.
    Keep it simple, but significant!

  2. So even most white collar workers do not regard neckties as being part of a dress wear uniform any longer

  3. Really good comments Karen. Our heritage is in tie-making in London and we have shown at MRKet in NYC for the last 15 years. Those stores that still come to us to stock up on their collection have a prominent in-store display and continue to promote dressing well. Those that have reduced their neck-wear range seem to follow a similar path to the store in your story. It’s almost a self-fulfilling prophecy! Our collections extend beyond neck-wear, but it’s still where our heart is. Given the opportunity to dress a bit more dapper and pop a little more personality why do so many men opt not to? It’s always the best looking chap in the room that is wearing the tie as their outfit is more considered.

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