The Wellness Industry Thrives On The Fear Of Death

by MR Magazine Staff

Indeed, since its arrival as a concept and social media trope, wellness has grown like a weed in certain crowds. Nowadays, it’s often hard to tell if your friends have medically necessary dietary restrictions or they’re displaying symptoms of socially acceptable eating disorders. We discuss our outer fixations more than our inner anxieties. Food today seems to be less a part of our lives and more our reason for living.Why is this? How did our culture reach a point where the highest form of aspiration is to successively eliminate more and more things from our diets, our bodies, and our lives? Why have we chosen food—one of the most elemental and pleasurable experiences of life—as our primary method of control? Why are people who are sensible enough to know that a single nutrient or grain won’t save their life still attracted to it? And perhaps most importantly: How the hell can we stop it? Read more at Quartz.