The Word “Influencer” Appears 79 Times In Revolve’s IPO Filing

by MR Magazine Staff

Several factors have driven the outstanding success of fashion e-commerce site Revolve. It’s adept at staying on top of trends, capitalizing as they break and hurrying on before they become overexposed. It has built a roster of 19 data-driven, private brands that account for—amazingly—eight of its top 10 labels this year. And then, of course, there are the influencers. Since it first started sending free clothes to bloggers in 2009, Revolve’s work with influencers has turned into a deluge of Instagram-friendly events and parties populated with social-media personalities large and small, who are shuttled around the world on Revolve’s dime. On these sponsored trips, skin-baring women enjoy brunches, beaches, and lots else in locations like Bermuda and Lake Como, sharing it all with their millions of collective followers. Read more at Quartz.