There’s A Good Reason You’ll Love Gucci’s Newest Watch

by MR Magazine Staff

If you’re looking for a last minute Valentine’s Day present to give—or looking for one to send a not-so-subtle hint about receiving—you can’t do better than this Gucci watch. First things first, the timepiece—officially called Le Marché Des Merveilles—comes from fashion’s hottest brand, and while we’re not saying that a label is the chief reason to buy something, in this case there’s no denying it adds to the watch’s appeal. After all, few things are as instantaneously recognizable or as highly coveted as everything Alessandro Michele makes for the Italian brand. But double-G’s aside, we love this Gucci watch. We also love that this watch literally says “love” on it. The watch strap, in the house’s iconic red-and-blue web stripe pattern, is embroidered with “L’Aveugle par Amour,” which translates to “Blinded by Love.” Equally conceptual—and downright cool—is the watch’s centerpiece, an embroidered snake atop a face the mimics the web stripe strap. Both the language and the reptile are motifs Michele has played with in his last few collections, but they that feels especially additive and unexpected on an accessory like a watch. Read more at GQ.