There’s still plenty of exciting talent in new york. what will we do to protect it?

There has been much ink spilled and many hands collectively wrung over the state of New York Fashion Week. What happened? Is there even a point to it all? Should it be canceled? While there’s no doubt that the runway itself can still serve a purpose, there’s no denying — no matter how hard people try— that New York Fashion Week just isn’t what it used to be. There are plenty of bogeymen we could blame for the shift (the way people consume has changed, the power brokers of the industry have changed, the definition of an “American fashion center” has changed, and so forth), but that simple fact remains. And that’s a shame, because there’s plenty of exciting talent happening in New York, but the state of things has handicapped them. And without a captive, international audience, it will be hard for these brands to grow. Read more at Fashionista.