Theresa May To Make Last-Ditch Attempt To Push Through Her Brexit Deal On Friday

by MR Magazine Staff

Prime Minister Theresa May will make a last-ditch attempt to push through her Brexit deal on Friday after a series of votes in the U.K. Parliament showed that political deadlock is as strong as ever. Here’s the lowdown on what just happened and what could happen next. What just happened? Members of Parliament voted Wednesday night on a range of options put forward by lawmakers on Brexit and what relationship the U.K. should have with the EU once it leaves the bloc. The results showed that there is no majority support for any of the eight alternatives they voted on. The alternatives included leaving the bloc on April 12 without a deal, staying in a customs union with the EU, remaining in a customs union and close alignment with the single market as well as holding a second referendum to confirm the Brexit deal or to stay in the EU instead. Read more at CNBC.