These Are The ’00s Menswear Trends We Pray Never Come Back

by MR Magazine Staff

These days, telling someone your general aesthetic is inspired by the ’90s is like telling them you brush your teeth. So omnipresent are the decade’s biggest trends — chunky sneakers, slogan tees, Hawaiian shirts, loose-fit denim, sportswear — it’s like grunge never disappeared (it didn’t) and Daria is still a thing (it is). In short, we’ve romanticized the decade to death. And while the ’90s love doesn’t show any sign of slowing down, the ’00s are also elbowing their way back into the fashion landscape. That means plenty of nostalgic moments, sure, but before you weld those rose-tinted glasses onto your face, first remember that the ’00s weren’t exactly the zenith of menswear splendor. See more at Highsnobiety.