These Are The Emerging Technologies Retailers Are Using To Prevent The Spread Of The Coronavirus In Stores

When Saks Fifth Avenue reopened in New York City last month, it featured several new safety and sanitary features, with one particularly notable addition — ultraviolet light handrail sanitizing.  The ultraviolet light emanating from the escalators of the sprawling department store is just one of a smattering of emerging technologies popping up in brick-and-mortar stores to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. These virus prevention systems — ranging from room density monitors to non-invasive body temperature scanning — are evolving into a booming industry of their own.  For the average consumer walking into a retail store, many of these technologies aren’t immediately obvious to the naked eye, but rather inconspicuous additions. Here’s what you can expect to see — or rather, not see — on upcoming shopping trips. Read more at Business Insider.