These High-Tech Clothes Make You Money By Selling Your Data

by MR Magazine Staff

LOOMIA wants to give your clothes an invisible high-tech makeover. The Brooklyn-based startup has developed a material that, when connected to sensors, can emit light from your jacket or heat up your boots in the winter. The electronic layer is similar to nylon and can be sewn into garments as seamlessly as a care tag. So far, it has been used in prototypes for household brands including Calvin Klein and The North Face. “The electronic layering is essentially a drapable, crease-able, stretchable circuit board,” explains Madison Maxey, the founder and chief technology officer of smart-textile firm LOOMIA. Before starting LOOMIA, Maxey was a master seamstress at a French tailor. In 2013, aged 25, she won a Thiel fellowship to pursue advancements in fashion and textiles, and founded her own studio, The Crated. It was a year later, when she was made artist in residence for software company Autodesk, that she began to experiment with conductive ink. Read more at Wired.