These Startups Could Give Amazon’s Retail Competitors An Edge

by MR Magazine Staff

OK, we get it, Amazon is redefining the retail industry (and content, and healthcare, and space, and..). For hundreds of millions of shoppers around the globe, one-hour delivery, free and easy returns, personalized catalogues or cashierless (and cash-less) stores are already a reality, or soon will be. Retail itself is in the midst of a profound transformation, with many physical stores closing, and entire malls standing empty. Amazon, eBay and Alibaba’s effect over consumers’ expectations –I want it all and I want it now—is pushing smart retailers to roll out new services that were unthinkable few years ago. Like Walmart’s recent announcement to offer same day delivery or Tesco’s voice-enabled shopping experience over Google Home devices. This is good disruption. Read more at Forbes.