Think Pink: Why Menswear Is Borrowing From The Girls This Summer

by MR Magazine Staff

While the notion of gendered stereotypes is waning thanks to Gen Z’s celebration of individuality, it seems we have a way to go until pink is considered a ‘safe’ shade for men. Traditionally fairly gender neutral, it wasn’t until the middle of the 20th century that domestic ideals fueled a rise in pretty pink marketing, and thus an association with all things feminine and fluffy. That being said, a change is in our midst with the menswear palette evolving in a seriously big way for 2017. Once again, designers have propelled the rosy hue into the fashion forefront as a younger generation celebrate the fluidity of gender. At Gucci’s final menswear show, a collection inspired by travel saw creative director Alessandro Michele journey through the color wheel with everything from green riding coats, red polo-necks and even a yellow rain mac taking center stage. But, in this density of color pink stood its ground. Here the shade cropped up on tailored trousers, suit jackets and delicate rose embroidery. Read more at The Independent.