This Is Not Your Father’s Book on Tweed

Tweed comes so pre-loaded with associations that you might easily imagine how a book dedicated to the wooly fabric would go down. It might seem safe to assume there’d be a lot of waxing on the British countryside’s bucolic charms, long passages filled with terms like “warp and weft” that you may glaze over, and finally, a lot of quotes from eccentric Englishmen in three-piece suits.

Homespun: True Tales of Tweed is not that book. The title, which was written by the NYC-based fashion journalist J. Joseph Pastrana and published on January 5th by Thane & Prose, does indeed touch on the charms of the British Isles, describes the weaving process, and contains multiple English eccentrics. But they’re all elements of a much larger story that the book tells about tweed, which stretches to include sneakerheads, interior decorators, costume designers and a Brooklyn tailor catering to non-binary clients.  Read more at Inside Hook.