by Stephen Garner

With a core foundation in sustainability, KOZM is making its own positive impact on the yoga and active apparel space.

Founded by former Volcom EVP of Global Marketing Troy Eckert and former Volcom VP of Global Sustainability Derek Sabori, this emerging Los Angeles-based athletic brand reflects a strong action sports influence and is made for men who seek health in body, mind, and being.

Between the years of 2006 and 2015, Eckert and Sabori were on a mission to learn as much about two things – that the apparel and accessories they make, wear, and use are often a massive contributor to natural resource depletion, GHG emissions, multiple types of pollution, and misery in people’s lives; and that yoga heals.

So, when they went looking for, and couldn’t find, a pair of yoga shorts that aligned with their newfound knowledge, the duo decided to make them themselves. What Eckert and Sabori built was a brand that is purposefully a part of the sustainable fashion solution with a mission to remind consumers to stay well and do good.

What’s more, the brand is a registered B Corp, and is focused on establishing more responsible business practices and elevating consumer awareness. As more people are choosing to buy from responsible companies, KOZM operates on the motto “Made Fair With Care,” meaning fair to people, fair to the planet.

Sabori also pointed out to MR that KOZM operates on an “Open Book Business Model,” which allows customers to discover where the brand’s fabric comes from and any information they want to know about the product. Packaging, trims, who made the item, and more are accessible to the customer.

As for the brand’s best-selling item, Sabori singles out the Yoga Short, which is a performance-based style made of hemp and organic cotton. It has natural anti-microbial properties from the use of hemp and does not need to be washed as frequently as synthetic fibers. These retail for $84.

As for the KOZM’s retail presence, Sabori notes that the brand is mostly direct-to-consumer with a few small wholesale partners in Los Angeles and e-commerce sites built around ethical fashion.