This Menswear Startup Is Styling Its Customers Based On Their Spotify Playlists

by MR Magazine Staff

As smart technology continues to infiltrate the fashion industry, shopping experiences are becoming more and more personal. San Francisco-based menswear startup Eison Triple Thread has released a new Fits web app that will recommend clothes from its collection based on users’ Spotify data. The website, and soon-to-be native app, will allow users to log into their Spotify accounts and give Eison Triple Thread access to their music history. Spotify makes this transaction possible, as its application programming interface (API) is open for developers. From there, users will be asked to take a lifestyle quiz, which will provide the company with information such as job field and skin color. This dual collection of data allows the ETT team to achieve a more holistic understanding of each client, making nuanced product recommendations possible. The user then contributes to the selection process by expressing likes and dislikes. And because the company’s clothing is made-to-measure, the “bespoke” concept goes one step further, with choices for color pairings and materials. Read more at Adweek.