This Retailer Is Betting Big On Made-To-Order Brands, And It’s Opening 15 Stores Dedicated To It

by MR Magazine Staff

In an era when fast fashion is constantly bemoaned and traditional retailers like Sears continue to struggle, Consortium is stepping in to offer consumers a different option. Enter made-to-order brands that give customers mostly what they want through customization. It’s not completely bespoke nor is it fast fashion; it’s in the middle ground between these two, where a selection of items can be customized like a shoe from Awl & Sundry or perfume from Olfactory. The two brands are part of Consortium’s New York pop-up shop, a retail store completely dedicated to custom fashion and beauty brands. They are the answer the founder of Consortium, Sam Payrovi, thinks solves many of the issues that have plagued retail like the move to online shopping or poor in-store interactions. Read more at Adweek.