This Rolex Submariner Was Owned By Steve McQueen, Survived A Wildfire, And Is Going Up For Auction

by MR Magazine Staff

The Rolex Submariner was designed for diving, but one particular Submariner owned by Steve McQueen didn’t prove its toughness in the ocean—instead, the thing survived a freaking wildfire. And this fall, it’s going up for auction. Intrigued? Damn right you are. And you should be. This watch has one hell of a story. The reference 5513 Rolex Submariner that Phillips is bringing to the auction block on October 25, 2018 is from 1964, but was given to legendary Hollywood stuntman Loren Janes back in the mid-to-late ’70s, according to Janes’ family. On its caseback, an inscription: “To Loren, the best damn stuntman in the world. Steve.” It’s the only McQueen watch with his name actually on the timepiece itself that’s ever made it to auction. Read more at Esquire.