This Sneakerhead Cobbler Is Restoring Jordans And Yeezys In Chicago

by MR Magazine Staff

It doesn’t matter how rare and collectible they are: If you wear your sneakers, they’re going to show it. And while you might be able to keep your white shoes white with a few handy at-home solutions, there are some issues—think ripped stitches or blown-out components—that require professional attention. That’s where cobbler Ray Ramirez enters the equation. Originally from Mexico City, Ray owns Red Star Cobbler in Chicago’s Humboldt Park neighborhood. He’ll happily fix up your oxfords and brogues, or even make you a pair of dress shoes from scratch. But as WGN reports, 50 percent of his shop’s business now comes from sneakerheads looking to restore covetable kicks like Air Jordans and Yeezys. Ramirez and his team will paint, dye, replace components—anything that’s necessary to get sneakers back to like-new condition. Read more at Esquire.