This Stellar Skincare Routine Will Fix Your Face While You Sleep

by MR Magazine Staff

If it sounds like we’re invading the last sacred space—sleep—and forcing you to think about your appearance even then, well, we are. That’s because if you slather up the best night cream for men right before dozing off, you’ll actually get more done to fix your face then with any other product or grooming routine. It’s really not that crazy—at night you’ve got all these untouched hours when skincare products can achieve their maximum effect. It’s the Witching Hour, but for really making that moisturizer work its magic. If you’re skipping the whole night-time grooming routine, you’re missing out on your best chance to make headway on the anti-aging and overall upkeep—especially on the skin around your eyes. Your baseline skin and hair routine are exactly that—a baseline. The cleansing, exfoliating, moisturizing, shampooing, and conditioning are mandatory for keeping everything clean and healthy each day. However, they aren’t designed to work the more laborious night shift. It’s while you sleep that you can most rapidly strengthen and soften these superficial parts, since the body goes into hyper-speed to replenish and restore itself. (It’s also why you almost always heal a cold or a virus with rest.) Thus, a proactive skincare regimen is more necessary at bedtime if you want to remove signs of aging, sun damage, and dehydration. To accelerate your selection and implementation of these products, we rounded up the best night cream from men, plus our favorite eye serums, body oil, and intensive repair treatments (for skin and hair both). Introduce them into your regimen—and leave the daytime products for the morning—and you’re guaranteed to have noticeable results… faster than ever before. These products should hold you over until every home in America has a cryogenic sleep chamber instead of a bedroom. Read more at GQ.