This Watch Is A Throwback To Domino’s Iconic ‘Rolex Challenge’

Vague Watches specializes in borrowing the aesthetics of vintage hard-to-get Rolexes (or at least hard to get if you don’t have thousands to drop on one). We’ve already written about the Japanese brand’s Submariner model which combines the affordability of new watches with the technical details and design legacy of one of Rolex’s most enduring styles. But now, Vague Watches has released a more under-the-radar piece to flex — the Domino’s watch. Back in ’77,  Dominos founder Tom Monaghan gave his highest-earning franchise owner the watch right off his wrist. In his 1986 autobiography, Pizza Tiger, Monaghan wrote, “I wore a Bulova with our Domino’s logo on its face. A franchisee asked what he had to do to get that watch from me, and I told him, ‘Turn in a $20,000 sales week.’ He did it.” Read more at Highsnobiety.