By Lee Leonard (aka Leonardo), DLS Apparel Group

After a whirlwind trip to Pitti Uomo taking in numerous collections, I put my stamina to the test with a day trip to Milan. On my agenda: Fradi, Pal Zileri, and Corneliani, three brands of considerable interest to our upscale DLS stores. I booked an early morning ticket out of the Santa Maria Novella train station on the high-speed train from Florence to Milan, which took a little under two hours!  

Entranced by the beautiful countryside outside my window, this was also a great time to reflect on my trip to Florence. After all, it had been seven years since my last trip but not much had changed, except for the crowds that were more massive than previously, with lots of travel-deprived tourists back in town (and mostly without masks!)

I arrived in Milan and spent much time just navigating myself through the train station to the cab stand. First stop: Fradi, Viale Monte Nero 60. I met with Alan Martinelli, Fradi’s Italian sales manager who would take me through the multi-faceted Spring ‘23 Collection.

Viewing the scope of the Fradi presentation in their Milan showroom was bellissimo. Several of the DLS Apparel Group stores have done well with Fradi, especially the jacket with detachable hoody in high-tech performance cloth in five colors. But seeing the breadth of this beautiful collection confirmed that it’s a lot more than jackets.

Fradi’s spring ‘23 offerings feature all classifications in luxury and tech fabrics from top mills. Items I loved include: separates in super-stretch tech fabrics, lightweight wools and dressy cottons in jackets, trousers, and quilted vests. Stylish overshirts in 100% linen. A garment-dyed cotton chino pant with 1/4 pockets and stylishly shaped waist. Garment-dyed compact cotton sportshirts and 100% linen shirts in stripes and digital prints. It should be noted that Fradi uses sustainable fabrics wherever possible.

While I can’t begin to do justice to Alan Martinelli’s fabulous presentation in just these few lines, I highly recommend that everyone see Fradi in person to understand the impact and sales potential of this powerful collection. (Fradi can be seen at Triluxe NYC with Rian Gardiner).

Next stop Via Verri 8, Pal Zileri. Their Spring ’23 theme was Marco Polo’s Travels; the setting was an indoor garden with a row of mannequins going through the center. The magnificent color palette ranged from amber shades of the desert to the rich colors of spices and fruits to China blues. The presentation included blouson jackets, overshirts with pocket details, printed sportshirts and luxurious knitwear. Tailored clothing exalted DB models but with a 90s-inspired shoulder and slim fit with double pleated trousers. Well worth the trip for Pal Zileri’s fresh interpretations of style, color and adventure. (This collection can also be seen at the Triluxe showroom NYC.)

Cabs were scarce and I had to wait at a cab stand for so long that I was starting to wonder if I’d make the train home (I don’t know my way around Milan well enough to walk…) Finally a cab arrives and believe me, I let everyone waiting know that this was my cab! Final stop, Corneliani Via Durini 24 to meet Andrea Stringhini.

Corneliani presented their Circle Collection, truly sustainable and environmentally friendly, in a beautiful beach setting, dunes and all.

The presentation expressed their commitment to sustainability through contemporary fashion. Their spring 2023 wardrobe essentials, all crafted in Italy, offered a touch of nostalgia, and a definite dose of elevated ease and modern attitude. To quote their designer Paul Surridge, “The new luxury is impeccable style with good taste.”

After the show, Corneliani hosted an informal party in their lovely garden. I grabbed a Prosecco, mingled a few minutes with the crowd, and then rushed off to the train station, newly inspired by these top presentations and fresh attitudes. (Corneliani is showing in NYC at the Stylistico Showroom with Michael Sestak.)

Ciao for now!

Lee Leonard, aka Leonardo, DLS


  1. Love your presentation and passion. Your experience and knowledge shines with the wonderful descriptive article, show-casing these lovely new collections!
    Bravo Leonardo! Bravissimo!

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