David, Serena and Jack Azizo of Jimmy Sales
by Karen Alberg Grossman
David, Serena and Jack Azizo of Jimmy Sales
David, Serena, and Jack Azizo

Catching up with Jack Azizo of Jimmy Sales at Project in Las Vegas, he shared some great ideas on how to grow neckwear business at a time when budgets for major store tie departments have been slashed. “Why are we still trying to convince guys who don’t wear ties to start wearing them?” he asks. “Why not go after the guys who still wear ties by showing them neckwear that’s fresh and new.”

He talks about the success certain stores are having by bringing in smaller but more interesting assortments every other month. “The associates on the selling floor get so excited when a new box arrives,” Azizo maintains. “Rather than bringing in huge assortments of the same boring reps and paisleys every six months, they create desire by sending out a message that these ties are new: if you don’t buy them now, they’ll be gone.”

“I believe neckwear departments need a wake-up call,” he continues. “Buyers should be buyers again, testing more creative product (mini-florals for spring ’18) and bringing in new brands. One of our department store accounts put their entire budget into more innovative styles and sold out in three weeks. What’s more, their neckwear department had the second-highest margin in menswear. Bottom line: let’s chase the guys who want to wear ties by creating some real excitement.”