Ties Are Making A Powerful Comeback In 2022

Ladies, bust out your button-ups and brush up on your Windsor knot, because the necktie is officially in for Spring 2022.

In March, as Fashion Month came to a close, Louis Vuitton opened its show with what would become one of the season’s most definitive accessory trends. As the proverbial curtain drew, Squid Game actor — and Nicolas Ghesquière favorite — Hoyeon Jung charged the runway wearing a cool, shirted look topped with a kitschy, floral tie. According to Vogue, the Parisian house’s Fall/Winter 2022 collection was inspired by “young adulthood.” The series of haphazardly styled, tie-bedecked looks that followed gave the disheveled prep of a college student rushing to class, the naive enthusiasm of a fresh graduate’s first day on the job. Read more at Hypebae.