by John Russel Jones

Timberland has launched its Comfort from Nature’ collection featuring fabrics made from soft recycled cotton & wood pulp, Tencel Lyocell fibers using Refibra Technology.

The collection is made of lightweight durable fabric that is breathable to help keep the wearer dry and cool but made with only renewable and recycled materials with the pioneering technology, Tencel X Refibra, upcycling cotton scraps from various garment productions. It starts with wood pulp from eucalyptus trees, a renewable raw material that comes from sustainably managed forests. The wood pulp is converted to fibers that are combined with excess cotton from manufacturing that would have gone to waste. The combined raw material is transformed to produce new virgin Tencel Lyocell fibers to make the fabric, then sewn into garments. The result is ‘Comfort From Nature’, a collection filled with strong breathable materials that is made using 95% less water than traditional cotton fabric.

Retailing for less than $100, the collection is now available to shop via the Timberland website.