Tinder Culture Has Taken Over, And Now It’s Killing Retail

by MR Magazine Staff

Tinder culture has changed how we date, and now it’s changing how we shop. The dating app encourages browsing over emotional investment by presenting users with an endless array of potential partners to consider while requiring very little up-front work or commitment to establish a “match.” Just a swipe right (a sign of interest) or a swipe left (a rejection) will do. Even when you swipe right, another new face immediately appears on your screen — providing a sense that there is always potential for an equal or better dating option within the next couple swipes. Likewise, the highly promotional environment in retail today has given shoppers a sense that there’s always going to be another, possibly better deal down the road. This has led to a sharp decline in brand loyalty, which is a nightmare for retailers. It has also diminished the significance of traditional shopping holidays like Black Friday. Why save purchases for Black Friday when retailers are offering “Black Friday in July” and other steep discounts year-round? Ian McCaig, cofounder and chief marketing officer of Qubit, calls this concept the “Tinderization of retail.” It’s something he spends a lot of time discussing with clients. Read more at Business Insider.