by John Russel Jones

Iconic outdoor outfitter L.L. Bean and menswear designer Todd Snyder have partnered on the “Maine-ah” collection for Spring 2022, a follow-up to last season’s successful “Upta Camp” group. To celebrate the launch, L.L. Bean’s Bootmobile was decked out in Todd Snyder’s finest and parked at his Madison Square store last weekend. 
For this latest collaboration, Snyder was inspired by combining the beauty of coastal Maine with New York street style. Classic Bean silhouettes, including anoraks and hiking-style shorts, recycled fleece, and archival L.L. Bean logos from the 1980s, are just some of the elements that come together to create the ‘Maine-ah’ collection. The collection name is a reference to the way residents of The Pine Tree State take great pride in being Mainers (or ‘Maine-ahs’). 

Snyder has come to know the state through frequent inspiration trips, and while not a local himself, the collection reflects a deeper dive into the state’s scenic escapes. Maine landmarks like The Rangeley Lakes, Mt. Katahdin, and Sebago Lake appear on hoodies and sweatshirts.

“I was thinking about the warm-weather styles that a guy would wear for a beach hike during the day and then to relax by a campfire at night,” Snyder says of his inspiration. He was also heavily influenced by L.L. Bean’s founder, the late Mr. Leon Leonwood Bean. The cover of his 1942 book Hunting-Fishing and Camping appears as a patch on beanies and a sweatshirt. 

Snyder adds, “Bean understood the restorative power of nature, and he wanted to create the gear that allowed people to enjoy themselves in the wild. He has a wonderful line in his book that kind of says it all: ‘To my mind hunting and fishing is the big lure that takes us into the great open spaces and teaches us to forget the mean and petty things of life.’”