by Stephen Garner

This year marks ten years since Todd Snyder launched his menswear line. To commemorate this milestone, Snyder is releasing a capsule of his greatest hits alongside a beautiful campaign shot by Kenny Thomas and sketched by Ryan McMenamy.

“There were always a lot of great menswear designers,” Snyder said about his original inspiration, “but there was no one owning classic, luxury pieces – meaning how do you take a chino and reinvent it? How do you take a suit and reinvent it?”

Ten years and three stores later, many of Snyder’s most iconic (and bestselling) styles are a result of this effort to upgrade, refine, and modernize the quintessential pieces of a man’s wardrobe – the Oxford shirt, the chore coat, the trucker jacket. Inspired by vintage military clothing, field wear, workwear, and Savile Row tailoring, Snyder is now an undisputed master of an aesthetic that is grounded in tradition, but designed for the modern gentleman.

Some of the capsule pieces are the result of hard-working wardrobe staples being remade in a luxurious fabric. Others involve diving deep into menswear’s past and resurfacing a style that transports the wearer to a more glamorous time and place. And every once in a while, Snyder asks himself, ‘Why not?’ As in, “why not make an Oxford out of an artisanal Japanese Selvedge fabric?” So, the shirt fabric develops unique highs and lows over time the same way a well-made pair of jeans does.

The TSX Capsule is just one element of the tenth-anniversary celebration. Others include a series of exclusive collaborations with the brands that Snyder enjoys long-running partnerships with, including Timex watches, Moscot eyewear, New Balance sneakers, Birdwell swimwear, Clarks desert boots, and Rocky Mountain Featherbed outerwear.

Added Snyder, “I started doing collaborations back in 2013, and they became one of my calling cards. There’s something very inspiring about going into the archives of a best-in-class company like Alden, Timex, or Champion and thinking about how to take their design codes and refresh them, so they get a new customer to discover what all of us fanboys love about these heritage brands.”

The TSX Capsule collection is now available at


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