by John Russel Jones

Todd Snyder has launched the Todd Snyder Collection, a new imprint from the American menswear designer. This capsule collection features 60 styles inspired by Mexico City’s San Cristóbal neighborhood. What distinguishes the Collection from the designer’s main line are premium Italian and Japanese fabrics, fashion-forward designs, and limited quantities of each style. Todd Snyder Collection will appear twice a year, and the garments will feature a unique white label.

“Coming off of our runway show at Pitti Uomo in Florence last winter, I wanted to create a new imprint that allowed me to dream up more aspirational looks and then produce these styles in small batches at Europe’s finest mills with premium Italian and Japanese fabrics,” says Snyder. “Creating looks for the runway and working with the gifted artists and weavers in Tuscany reminded me of why I became a designer in the first place and rekindled my desire to stretch creatively.”

For this first drop, “San Cristóbal,” Snyder was inspired by the vibrant colors and buildings of Mexico City, in particular the warm modernism of architect Luis Barragán. The collection features Snyder’s signature mix of rugged and refined, from the rustic craftsmanship of open-weave linen shirts to the polish of belted trousers that harken back to Hollywood in the Forties.

The gabardine suit silhouettes feature relaxed-fitting trousers with double pleats and double-breasted jackets that have a slouchy swagger reminiscent of Italian tailoring from the 1980s and the British Drape, a seemingly effortless type of tailoring developed by Frederick Scholte. Rounding out the collection is a new Gabardine Belted Short. The short has a double-reverse pleat, an 11-inch inseam, and it’s easy enough to be worn with a popover shirt by day or paired with a matching gabardine jacket for an evening out..

“I always start a collection with a place. Or a song. Or a moment in time. This one was inspired by the push-pull contrast of vibrant colors and earth tones one finds in Mexico City. The unconstructed suit silhouettes felt right at home when we photographed the campaign at Luis Barragán’s Cuadra San Cristóbal. He famously said that any building that “does not express serenity is a mistake.’ And that’s how I feel about the easy drape of these new suits, which, as I learned as a young tailor, is no easy feat to pull off.”

Todd Snyder Collection is available at all 16 Todd Snyder stores and on



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