by John Russel Jones

Todd Snyder has partnered with Gardenheir, America’s chicest gardening site, on a 12-piece capsule collection that adds a fresh, on-trend take to heritage field clothing from Italian Gardening Clogs to Gardening Smocks (loose fitting popovers designed for ease of movement) that look equally chic in the garden or in town.

“Some of the team were already wearing Gardenheir’s clogs when we decided to partner with them over a year and a half ago,” says Todd. “There was a natural affinity for these designs because we both love adding a modern twist to field clothing that has an authentic purpose behind its design.”

Gardenheir is the brainchild of artist Alan Calpe and fashion executive Christopher Crawford, two New Yorkers who bought a weekend house in Windham, New York (a small town in the Catskill Mountains). As they renovated their house and the surrounding land, they fell in love with gardening but were struggling to find gear and attire that fit into their aesthetic. Launching Gardenheir was their effort to fill that void in the market, bringing English copper watering cans from Haws, gardening tools from Holland’s Sneeboer and Japanese Gardening Smocks into one site.

“We launched Gardenheir with the idea that there must be other people out there: younger, interested in well-made things, who come from creative spaces,” says Gardenheir co-founder Christopher Crawford. “Or just people with really sophisticated tastes for whom gardening was a creative outlet,” adds co-founder Alan Calpe.

The Todd Snyder x Gardenheir Collection will be available June 28th, 2024, at 10 am ET on, at Todd Snyder Madison Park, Williamsburg, Abbot Kinney, East Hampton, and Marin County, and Gardenheir’s retail location in Windham, NY. Pieces retail from $78 for hats to $289 for a camo jacket.