by Stephen Garner

Nine leading LGBTQ artists have teamed up with Todd Snyder to create limited-edition tees and sweatshirts for Pride month.

Called the “Art of Pride Collection,” Snyder tapped Ana Benaroya, Devan Shimoyama, Richard Haines, Tom Smith, John Macconnell, Doron Langberg, Xavier Schipani, Shanée Benjamin, and Ryan Pfluger for this project. Twenty-five percent of the proceeds from the sale of these wearable works of art will be donated to support charities of the artists choosing including Visual Aids, Out Youth, GMHC, and The Sylvia Rivera Law Project among others.

This, Snyder’s second Pride collection, has been even more important this year due to COVID-19 canceling annual physical Pride celebrations. June is typically a huge month for fundraising for the LGBTQ+ community and COVID-19 has threatened to throw a wrench in typical Pride celebrations and fundraisers. Snyder and his team prioritized making this collection and wanted to make sure they were able to support a variety of charities both big and small.

“When COVID hit, we initially hit pause on our efforts to weather the storm, but as time passed, my team and I felt it was more urgent than ever to participate in this conversation, especially when events were being canceled,” Snyder tells MR. “Many organizations raise important funds during the month of June and it remains important to contribute to these organizations and use our platforms to raise awareness in a supportive and respectful way.”

In addition to the apparel, Snyder has released a new Pride watch with Timex. The result is a sleek, modern timepiece that serves as a throwback to the era when the Gay Rights Movement adopted artist Gilbert Baker’s Rainbow Flag as its banner. Like a color wheel in which three primary colors (red, blue, and yellow) mix to create an array of different shades, the Pride watch is composed of three different colored discs. As the time changes and the discs interact, the wearer can look through the crystal and literally see the shades change.

“I’m both inspired by and honored to be working with all the incredible artistic talent in the LGBTQ community,” says Snyder. “With a lot of Gay Pride events becoming virtual this summer, the team and I are hoping that people will wear these works of art when they are outside and embracing life from a safe social distance. That way we can keep this community and the important causes the artists support top of mind.”

The Todd Snyder x Timex watch is now available. A sign up is now available in order to be notified when the apparel collection drops.