Tom Ford’s Plan To Change Shopping For Good Starts Tonight

by MR Magazine Staff

Tom Ford has never half-assed anything. At least, if we’re going by the designer’s impeccable track record—the one where he creates some of the world’s finest menswear season after season without fail—we’re definitely led to believe he’s not the type who ever phones it in. After all, when Ford wanted to get guys excited about wearing tailoring again, he came up with the ultimate power suit. And when he wanted to create a premium shopping experience unlike anything else out there for rich dudes, he went and opened pristine stores that define retail porn. And then there was the time he decided he should get into the movie business, so he directed, wrote, and produced the critically-acclaimed and Oscar-nominated A Single Man. So when Ford looked at the seasonal fashion calendar his company—and just about every other brand—was aligned with and realized, as he said in a press release, it was “…an antiquated idea and one that no longer make sense,” he didn’t try and work within the system to change things. (Fashion standard operating procedure reveals collections five to six months before those pieces ever hit store shelves.) Instead, he broke out of it and joined the see now, buy now ranks with designers like Burberry’s Christopher Bailey. Read more at GQ.