Tom Ford’s Pricey Products Won’t Make You Happy, Says Tom Ford

by MR Magazine Staff

Tom Ford, the filmmaker and fashion designer whose namesake brand sells suits that start at $5,000, and who will gladly sell you a $3,500 backpack (or a $37 bar of soap, if you’re having a lean week), wants you to know that spending lots of money won’t bring any joy to your life. In an interview with the U.K.’s Radio Times, the designer makes it pretty plain: “We all have expectations of life that can’t be achieved.” “The things that make me happy are the people in my life,” said Ford—who turned Gucci into a $10 billion business while he was its creative director—according to a transcript of the interview published by The Times of London. “Your parents tell you the best things in life are free, and you go, ‘Yeah, yeah, the best things are a new apartment and a shiny new car.’ Not true. Maybe I’m a fool that I didn’t understand that right off the bat.” Read more at GQ.