Lewis Hamilton For Tommy Hilfiger
by Stephen Garner

Lewis Hamilton For Tommy HilfigerTommy Hilfiger has launched a new documentary mini-series called #WhatsYourDrive, revealing the man behind British racing legend Lewis Hamilton, the global brand ambassador for Tommy Hilfiger menswear. New episodes will be released in line with the races on the 2018 Formula One World Championship Race calendar, with every feature focused on a different aspect of Hamilton’s personal and professional life.

From Hamilton’s love of music and fashion, to the values that guide him every day, to his efforts to encourage younger generations to relentlessly follow their dreams, the #WhatsYourDrive series of episodes is about an incredible will to succeed in all aspects of life.

Tommy Hilfiger Lewis Hamilton CampaignHamilton will share every episode, including the trailer released on May 1, through his official social media accounts, including Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, where he connects with more than 18 million fans. The documentary mini-series will also be available on the dedicated paddock page on, a dynamic one-stop platform that celebrates Hamilton’s brand ambassadorship and Tommy Hilfiger’s strategic partnership with four-time Formula One World Champions Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport, bringing together the latest campaign images, videos and collection looks.

“Lewis has this relentless drive to grow and reach new ambitions both on and off the track, inspiring his fans around the world,” said Hilfiger. “This personal mini-series brings a new, intimate perspective on Lewis’ journey to achieve his full potential in Formula One racing, revealing sides few people know about him.”

“This is a story of personal growth, exploration and self-expression beyond the track that I’m excited to share with fans globally,” added Hamilton. “It’s about setting goals, embracing every opportunity that exists and never letting anyone or anything get in the way.”

Check out the trailer below.