by Stephen Garner

StanttMen’s underwear brand Tommy John has teamed up with start-up shirt maker Stantt to open a three day pop-up shop at 501 Lexington Avenue in Manhattan from March 29- March 31.

Customers will be able to come in and find their exact match to one of 75 unique sizes using just three measurements from their chest, waist and arm from Stantt shirts, as well as Tommy John’s full line of underwear, undershirts and socks. In addition, customers will be able to take advantage of two exclusive promotions: buy three Stantt shirts and get a free Tommy John undershirt; or buy two Stantt shirts get a free pair of Tommy John socks.

Stantt“A partnership between Stantt and Tommy John is a natural fit,” said Tom Patterson, CEO of Tommy John. “Most guys that wear dress shirts also wear an undershirt. Just as many women don’t leave home without a bra, most guys don’t leave the house in an dress shirt without also wearing an undershirt. With Tommy John, Stantt shirts look, feel, and fit the best way possible.”

“We’re thrilled about the partnership between Stantt and Tommy John,” added Ellen Pope, head of partnerships for Stantt. “Given the similarities between our customer bases and the complementary nature of Tommy John undershirts and Stantt shirts, the partnership just makes sense. Collectively, both brands are really looking forward to giving our guy what he needs to look and feel great and perform at his very best every day.”

Tommy John Stantt