Tommy John undershirts
by Stephen Garner

Premium men’s underwear brand Tommy John has launched an integrated campaign demonstrating the issues men face every day with traditional ill-fitting undershirts.

The campaign includes “Undershirt Undoing,” a 60-second film, along with TV, radio, digital, print, and outdoor advertisements. Continuing their “No Adjustment Needed” brand story, this is Tommy John’s second campaign produced by creative agency, Preacher. The film shines a light on the brand’s patented undershirt as the ultimate solution to the frustrations men face with their undershirt. These frustrations include bunching, stretching out, yellowing, and coming untucked.

Similar in format to last year’s campaign celebrating Tommy John underwear “The Big Adjustment,” this film features a series of humorous vignettes that depict men battling their undershirt in high stress situations. The aggressive and unsettling movement of the undershirt was brought to life by using live ferrets to represent the look and feel of ill-fitting undershirts and the overpowering distraction that ensues.

“For too long men have been resigned to living in discomfort with their undershirts and allowing it to negatively impact them everyday,” said Josh Dean, CMO at Tommy John. “No other brand was speaking to this uncomfortable truth, nor offering an answer. We saw an opportunity to take ownership of the problem and to showcase our patented undershirt as the ultimate solution. In typical Tommy John fashion, we took to raising awareness about a frustrating issue in a humorous yet relatable way.”

“Our message is simple: Don’t let your undershirt be your undoing,” added to Rob Baird, CCO at Preacher. “Unlike the visible adjustments of underwear, fixing an undershirt is a slightly subtler undertaking. We dramatized the misery in a way that’s hard to miss – with real, live ferrets.”

The launch of this campaign comes after Tommy John announced actor Kevin Hart became an investor just last week. Tommy John has grown 2.5 times year over year since 2014 and is on track to do over $100 million in sales by 2018.


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