Why Travel Brands Have To Think Fashion

by MR Magazine Staff

Finding the perfect holiday for your budget and aspirations is a lot of work and stress – on average 30 hours spread over five weeks. Add in the holiday itself and this is a significant investment of time and emotion in our own well-being and education – it matters. So, why do people put themselves through the ordeal of independent booking? Basically, they see value in it. Not just in terms of price, but through increased control. Our research shows that brands can use the three levers of control, choice and community to create value for consumers: control is feeling empowered to tailor and sidestep restrictions; choice is about cutting through the vast array of options; and community is about social currency and learning from the experience of others. Control is particularly important in the travel sector: the control of building something individual, on our terms, in our own way, at the right price. But the choice can be overwhelming. And this is where thinking like a fashion brand can help. Read more at The Drum.