David Shapiro Traveled To Every Supreme Store In The World To Understand The Meaning Of Supreme

by MR Magazine Staff

The following is an exclusive excerpt from David Shapiro’s new book ‘Supremacist,’ out July 5 on New York Tyrant. Part love letter to the cult streetwear brand, part cry for help about his own substance abuse issues and general existential dread, the novel involves a fictionalized version of the author as he travels to every Supreme store in the world. The below chapters take place during a visit to Supreme LA.

I woke up and vomited in the shower. I drove to Supreme with Camilla. We got there before it opened and waited outside. Supreme Los Angeles, the only other Supreme store I’d been to. I felt like I was home. We browsed the clothing together. I touched every item. I knew the prices by heart. For some of the items, I knew the percentages of each material used to make them. Camilla nodded and made utterances of approval as we went through the clothes. We stood in front of the Hi-Vis backpack with the reflective stripe. It might look just all right to you, but I loved it. It was just right. Read more at Vice.