by Stephen Garner

Following its ‘New American Selvedge’ jeans collection this past July 4th, and alongside the launch of the denim brand’s expanded retail initiative, Trinidad3 Jeans is releasing its largest collection to date, just in time for Veteran’s Day and peak holiday shopping.

The brand has been keeping this project under wraps as it has sought to expand, correct, and strengthen its business across the board prior to launching more deeply into the holiday retail depths. Having successfully sold through the entirety of the summer collection of its signature New American Selvedge, managing partner Joe Lafko claims, “the market was ready for us, and we were ready for it. We debuted our fall 2020 collection to an enthusiastic crowd at the Dallas Men’s Show and it literally hasn’t stopped since. We’ve since sold out of goods once, fully, and we’re producing at a record rate just to keep up; we’ve been cranking 6-7 days a week since the sell-out and not seeing anything to give us concern for a slow down as yet.”

“It’s been pretty humbling and exciting to see retailers grasp on to our mission of supporting our vets, and run with it,” added Lafko. “I am stoked we’re able to get them a huge resupply for the holiday season so we can keep the collective momentum flowing! To date, they’ve had a bit of an exclusive with the collection as we haven’t really hadn’t created much opportunity to sell through our own channel. Now more than ever, though, I am glad they’ve had the chance to have something special and exclusive to be able to offer their customers. This process of retailer-first initiative is going to remain for the foreseeable future as we feel it’s a huge benefit.”

The brand is currently carried in premium men’s retailers such as Moorman Clothiers, Granger Owings, Untucked OBX, L.E. & Chalk, Harley’s for Men, GRAE Clothing, Kinkade’s Fine Clothing, Franklin Road Apparel, and many more.

The brand’s founder, Trinidad Garcia III has been openly positive about the forward direction of the business saying, “It was a long road to get here, but it gives me such huge excitement to see everyone joining the team. We’re so grateful to be able to show why we’re doing this, and even more so now with the addition of more comfortable, and athletic stretch styles going out the door faster than we can craft them! It’s pretty crazy, to be honest. Add on our holiday-only jackets, and the upcoming collaborations with Mayans on FX star Vincent Vargas’, and the chance to debut on this season I cannot wait to see what the rest of this season holds.”

“I can’t wait to be able to show the world what we’ve been working on,” Garcia added. “We took the demands of the market, and also those of e-commerce and retail, and we’re going somewhere I think we’re all pumped about.”