Trump Didn’t Care About Sending Jobs Overseas

by MR Magazine Staff

Donald Trump might have two media targets in his sights soon: A Washington Post investigation suggests that when Trump spends time on the campaign trail slamming greedy American firms for sending US jobs overseas, he is either a recent convert to the cause or a hypocrite. A Politico analysis, meanwhile, finds that Trump spouts a “misstatement” of some sort every five minutes in speeches. The Post spoke to people involved in a 2004 deal for Trump-branded clothing, one of the first of many similar deals. Trump was personally involved in the negotiations and at no point expressed any preference for having merchandise manufactured in the US, insiders say. The deal went to a firm that operates in dozens of countries, and Trump-branded items are now made in countries such as China and Bangladesh. A Harvard professor analyzed Trump products available online and found that many are made outside the US, with 628 of 838 Ivanka Trump products coming from overseas. Read more at Newser.