Trump Official Once Wrote Book About Suits In The Voice Of Machiavelli

by MR Magazine Staff

As anyone with eyeballs can read on a baseball cap, the stated aim of the Trump administration is to make America great again. Militarily, economically, bigly, the nation will regain the grandeur that distinguished it in an unspecified golden age. But you may not know that one member of the Trump administration has his sights on another, unrelated return to glory. His goal is to “rescue an America that is shabbier than the English, haughtier than the French, more fashion-enthralled than the Italians, without style, without class, shoddy, garish, unkempt, vulgar, and enduring blemishes of every sort.” In short, someone is out to make us dress better. Looking at Trump’s inner circle, it’s obvious to see who we are not quoting here. The deliberately disheveled Steve Bannon could not give one red cent what you wear. Same goes for various generals, who wisely eschewed choosing their own work clothes decades ago. Nor was it penned by one of those allegedly dapper alt-right types with their allegiance to vintage Hugo Boss. Rather, the author is Michael Anton. Eleven years ago, the National Security Council’s new senior communications director set down his thoughts on sartorial splendor and cultural decline in The Suit: A Machiavellian Approach to Men’s Style. Read more at Bloomberg.