Would You Trust A Stylist With 50,000 Clients To Get Your Look Right?

by MR Magazine Staff

Kieran O’Neill, Thread’s 28-year-old co-founder and chief executive, is a serial entrepreneur who started his first company, a YouTube-style streaming site, aged just 15. That was eventually earning him £5,000 a month, a nice amount for a high school student, but eventually the ability for users to upload content went awry and landed him a lawsuit with Disney. That suit was settled, costing O’Neill $100,000, but it left him soured on the platform, which he sold eventually sold to Carl Page, brother of Google founder Larry, for $1.25m. After that, he became known for Playfire, a games-focused social network that he again sold, in May 2012, to games retailer Green Man Gaming. This time, he says, he wants to stick around. That’s not just because of personal ambition, although he does say that he hopes Thread can fulfill his current goal, “to learn how to be the chief executive of a 500-employee company” (Thread has just 32 staff members). It’s also because he set out to build a company that he would personally rely on. Read more at The Guardian.