by John Russel Jones

International travel and lifestyle brand Tumi has launched an exclusive collaboration with iconic streetwear brand Staple. The two have joined forces on a design journey guided by the world travels of Staple’s founder, Jeff Staple.

The iconic Staple Pigeon is an integral part of the Staple brand and serves as a mascot that represents New York City. When creating Staple, Jeff came to see the bird as a symbol of never giving up and thriving against all odds. Tumi, known for supporting the path of every traveler, leaned into this concept with well-designed and highly functional pieces to further complement their journeys.

The campaign featuring the collaboration was shot entirely on film by renowned street photographer and multi-talented artist Jacob Consenstein. Set around New York City, the campaign images not only capture the product’s functionality, but also celebrate its authenticity, energy and inspiration.

The collection includes five new styles, each designed for the modern-day city explorer and merging the hustle mentality of urban cities with signature Tumi innovation. A Pigeon pink and New York City-inspired map lining is carried throughout as a nod to the city that raised Staple. The collection then takes shoppers on a trip around the world, from a spacious backpack ($695) with a pattern inspired by the streets of São Paulo to a compact sling ($495) that takes its cues from Tokyo. The Ping Pong crossbody ($250) features a print that echoes the tiles of Barcelona. The Kit crossbody ($295) references Los Angeles architecture and features a removable strap that allows the piece to be carried like a bag or used as a travel kit. The International expandable four-wheeled carry-on ($1195) showcases an intricate design of a Staple Pigeon camouflage that is inspired by New York City.

“Jeff Staple is an innovator and an entrepreneur. He has never settled and has always pushed himself to go beyond the norm to bring streetwear culture to the global stage,” says Tumi Creative Director, Victor Sanz. “Jeff is a true global citizen, as he exemplifies the world traveler that doesn’t lose his sense of home or where he has come from, while embracing other cultures for inspiration and self-growth. This truly is in line with how we view the world. We are always looking outside for inspiration and always building on our fundamentals.”

“For me, Tumi has always been the pinnacle of luxury, travel, innovation, and tech,” says Staple & Reed Art Department founder, Jeff Staple. “There is a strong commonality in both our brands between travel and performance, and how the experience affects your everyday life. I’ve come to really appreciate the value of well-designed travel accessories, especially when you are in a new city and constantly on the go. Design-wise, the hustle mentality that the Staple Pigeon represents started out as a way to speak to the culture of New York City, but over the course of my travels, I’ve come to see that it represents this same ethos in cities across the globe.  With this Tumi collaboration, we are bringing that spirit full circle through the unique and elevated design details in each style of the collection.”

The collection is available worldwide on Tumi.com, at select Tumi Retail Stores, and at StaplePigeon.com.  Product is available in North America and across Europe today, and across the Asia-Pacific region starting on July 18th.