Turn your shirt into a mask

by Karen Alberg Grossman
One happy customer as posted on his Facebook page

David Elkus from Baron’s in Farmington Hills, MI is sharing one of the most interesting ideas we’ve heard for making and marketing masks. This past Sunday, he sent out emails to all his customers announcing that Abe the Tailor, who rents space in his building, will make masks out of (clean) woven shirts that customers bring to him. These new masks will include a pocket to insert a non-woven fabric filter for improved effectiveness.

According to Elkus, Abe can make about six masks per shirt. At $10 per mask, there’s a two-piece minimum (one to wear, one to wash). Most notably, 25 percent of revenues will go to Henry Ford Hospital. For customers who have no stained or outdated shirts to offer, Abe can also provide a vast array of new fabrics from which to choose: $15 per mask, 3 for $30.

For more info: contact Abe directly: (313) 414-0902 or abfacemasks@gmail.com.


    1. Let’s “ face” it … a great idea to reuse the shirt off your back !
      Sorry for the pun…I couldn’t resist!

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