Unpacking The Rise Of Viral Fashion

by MR Magazine Staff

At the end of August, fast fashion brand Pretty Little Thing released a ‘statement’ fluorescent yellow hi-vis jacket, complete with reflective strips. The internet reacted accordingly and criticism rolled in as Twitter at large wondered how a building site staple went fashion, while the likes of The Independent, The Daily Mail, The Sun, and Cosmopolitan all covered the unfolding ridicule. Even Screwfix got involved with an Instagram post that racked up 1600 likes, eclipsing their usual sub-200 offerings. And yet, within days of its release, the offending jacket had sold out in every size. It doesn’t stop there, though. From denim thongs to see-through jeans, high street and e-comm brands aren’t just ‘borrowing’ design cues from high fashion anymore, they’re following their lead in playing the social media game and leaning into reaction journalism. The entire internet slating your latest product drop might sound like a recipe for a hastily called PR strategy meeting, but, actually, it’s becoming the bread and butter of fashion marketing. Read more at Dazed.