How Vans Became The New Stan Smith Trainers

by MR Magazine Staff

In fashion, ubiquity is usually a sign that a change is about to take place. If so, then Stan Smith trainers could be about to be replaced as the trainer of choice. Surprisingly, their heir apparent are Vans. Surprising, because the trainer is more associated with Avril Lavigne, terrible Nu Metal bands and Jeff Spicoli (Sean Penn) from Fast Times at Ridgemont High than high fashion choices. But it was clear that something had shifted when Frank Ocean turned up at the White House state dinner last week wearing checked, slip-on Vans. “First time doing it, probably because it’s my first time here,” he said when questioned on his shoe choice.  In part, the popularity of Vans is indicative of the growing influence of skatewear in fashion, with Palace, the Thrasher T-shirt and’s skater week bridging the gap, for better or worse, between the two worlds. It also helps that Vans are relatively cheap to buy. Read more at The Guardian.