by Stephen Garner

Vans has partnered with the Los Angeles School of Global Studies (LASGS) and nonprofit EduCare Foundation to donate Chromebooks to all of its students. On April 10th, every student from 9th to 12th grade at LASGS received a free computer as part of a large distribution resulting in 320 being handed out. With nearly all of the students at or below the poverty level, the donation makes it possible for students to remain in school further closing the digital divide.

This distribution marked the first time Vans has ever donated computers, let alone to an entire school. Steve Van Doren, son of the Vans founder Paul Van Doren, was also in attendance at the event and personally handed out the Chromebooks with handwritten messages of support. Vans also had a large motorhome that distributed shoes and other goods for students and their family members. This initiative further reinforces Vans’ core ethos: empowering, motivating, and giving back to youth culture.

LASGS’s mission is to not only empower its students with its progressive pedagogy, but also through “social-emotional learning” which promotes and teaches self-awareness, personal responsibility, empathy, and compassion – creating a learning environment in which youth can flourish and realize.

“Donations that go directly to the community are so important for our student population,” said Christian Quintero, principal of the Los Angeles School of Global Studies. “I am thankful that Vans, in collaboration with Educare, could get technology out to our students so that our school community can access the school curriculum.”