by William Buckley

With a successful Day One and some of Day Two spent walking the MRket show floor, the next ports of call were our Modern Assembly cohorts, Capsule, Liberty and Agenda, all just a (stylishly attired) hop, skip and a jump across the halls of the (mercifully air-conditioned) Sands Convention Center. Agenda’s street wear game was, as always, on point, Capsule continued to excel in their presentation of some of the most innovative contemporary brands out there coupled with a seriously impressive selection of accessory brands, and Liberty was notable for their denim heavy cool and their selection of some of the most important brands of the moment.

Some standout brands below.

David Hart

Like some menswear Mel Brooks or John Gielgud, it seems David Hart has won or is winning every accolade in the industry. His clothes are irrefutably modern but with an infusion of all the best bits of retro, and his consistency in the strength of his collections season after season sets him staunchly apart. Best in show.

Ben Sherman
At our appointment I got so carried away talking to the brand’s new COO Cory Baker, that I actually forgot to take pictures. What I can tell you though is that it looks like the brand’s in good hands, I’m a poet, and I never knew I was, and there are lots of exciting things to come. Stay tuned. (I did manage to snap this gorgeous shot of Ann Akiri in action, US Marketing Manager and personal favorite person in the universe. P.S. She’s concentrating on the laptop screen because she sees me and she knows if she looks at me she’ll laugh. I’m funny like that.)

Ann Akiri

Sand Copenhagen

The quality and the breadth of the Sand collection is invariably astounding. They always give classic luxury menswear, but with fashion forward flashes thrown in the pan like a French chef’s flambé. Floral shirting is always a forté, like my acute-accented ‘e’s, and their formal wear is always fantastic.


Founded by former Nike designer Donwan Harrell in 2002, PRPS continues to offer some of the most innovative designs in premium denim.

Crosby Square

Their first Vegas market, Crosby Square have been making shoes since the Nineteenth century (which is actually the 1800s, remember?). With archives that rival, the brand offers new styles and updated versions of their vintage mainstays.

Liberty United

Each of these accessories is made from seized illegal guns and bullet casings, each bearing the serial number from the destroyed weapon, with a portion of the proceeds going towards stopping gun violence in America.

Style De Vie

With numerous curiosities, it was the seed balls that struck a chord, tickling my green thumb. Next step, get a garden in New York City.

Ayurveda Apothecary

If you’re not familiar with Ayurveda, it is a 5,000-year-old natural healing science from India grounded in the premise that the mind, body, and environment synthesize to create a holistic vision of well being. These scents use that science to balance your energy. And we all need a little balance sometimes.

Jack Rudy Cocktail Company

Cocktails to go: plain, train, or automobile (okay, maybe not automobile).


Hand woven accessories in American heritage designs. I wanted one. I should’ve just asked.

Feldspar Brook

The only polo shirt you will ever need, this perfect incarnation boast phenomenal fit, pristine placket, sublime side vents and superb side seams. What’s not to love?