Velour Is Back From 2003 (And It Looks Pretty Good)

by MR Magazine Staff

The velour track suits of the early ’00s were not menswear’s finest moment. On a good day they had a kind of louche charm to them, and on a bad one they made everyone look tired and lazy—or retired. You may have noticed that the trend is back again. You can thank the return of velvet, velour’s less sporty cousin, for that one. Thankfully, today’s velour pieces are a little bit more tailored than the shapes of, say, 2003. Instead of baggy pants that pool around the ankles and blousy jackets that add ten pounds to your midsection, we’re talking slim-cut t-shirts, polos, and fitted joggers that keep you looking capable as hell while feeling supremely comfortable. Just steer clear of boy-band sunglasses while wearing the retro material. See more at GQ.